How a Criminal Tax Attorney Can Fight an IRS Audit


How a Criminal Tax Attorney Can Fight an IRS Audit

Even though the IRS is a very scary word for many people, a criminal tax attorney can help you get through the process when the IRS audits you. Because a criminal tax attorney is a professional that knows all about the IRS and what to do with the tax laws, he’s the person you need to turn to in order to get out of a court case that involves criminal charges for evading taxes. Even though it may cost you a good amount of money to hire an attorney, it will save you in the long run with the fees that you won’t have to pay the government. Remember that the IRS is just out to get your money.

In order to properly fulfill your tax duties, there are a lot of IRS tax forms that must be filled out. It’s possible that you have misfiled something and so the IRS is just a little confused and wants you to get everything just right. This process could be nothing more than a little dance with the government to get your forms done correctly in order to avoid their massive fines. Although you could go to jail if you don’t get everything done right, the more likely sentence is high fines, but of course that isn’t what we want. Just make sure all your i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed.

The best way to know if you have everything done correctly is to hire a criminal tax attorney. Gather your financial documents from the past year and go over it all with your attorney to see what you may have missed that’s causing the IRS to get all upset with you. If you have kept a good record of everything that you have filed, your attorney should be able to quickly identify what discrepancies there are between what you’ve filed and what was required to have been filed. After that you just need to find out what mistakes you may have made that is causing the IRS to want more money from you.

Presenting the corrected information to the government is the next step. Usually after you have double checked your work and have things corrected you should be on your merry way, but sometimes it escalates into a court case and you’re going to need every ounce of your criminal tax attorney to help you figure out what is going wrong and to make sure you stay out of jail.