Income Tax Attorney Or Tax Relief Attorney?


Income Tax Attorney Or Tax Relief Attorney?

A lot of people think of an income tax attorney and a tax relief attorney as the same. Let me explain what the latter is and what you should look for. To begin your tax relief processes, you need to look into your tax attorney’s experience. Be aware of your lawyer’s limitations. Things like knowing if they have dealt with the IRS in the past are vital to your success. At the very minimum your attorney must have experience as a Certified Public Accountant or at least have a background in accounting. Things like their reputation in their industry and their track record are all pieces of information that will assist you in selecting the perfect tax attorney for your situation.

Second, cost. Yes, I realize this is probably the very reason why you have not hired one yet. To find out if you can afford a tax relief attorney, check out how the attorney requires payment. Most of them have hourly rates, but there are a few that require a retainer or an all require payment. If you are unsure, just ask them and they will be upfront with you. At times you can even offer a brief description of your problem over the phone for an estimate for on your tax relief journey.

Lastly, find out what your tax relief attorney can do for you. Be skeptical of advertisements that seem too good to be true, because they probably are. Ask your lawyer exactly what they can do to help you resolve your tax problems with the IRS and get it in writing. Do not hesitate in finding the tax attorney that can help you get the best possible outcome for your situation. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until it is too late.

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