Manipur is culturally very rich and the  rich heritage is best reflected in the music of Manipur. The love songs and the folk music of Manipur can tantalize ones senses. Music of Manipur includes different types of songs, including religious, classical, love, folk songs etc and now Manipur had been one of India's richest culture areas where dance,rituals,music,martial arts and theatre constitute astoundingly creative expression of the human population in this tiny region..
Most of the thirtyfour odd tribes do posses many forms of dance and music which related to their primal existence based on natural enviroment and aboriginal adaptations to the vagaries of climates,topography,flora and fauna.Since early times , dance and music have been inseparably linked in almost all the important social and cultural activities, but there has been a revolutionary social and spiritual  changes taking place with the advent of modernity and chnage of time.
Many of the indigenous/traditional music forms as well as musicial instruments have vanished while some are modernized.A few pockets of indigenous people and old man remains, poor in livelihood and social uplift,holding  on their traditional beliefs and way of life remains as the sole inheritors of their rich cultural past uninfluenced by modern civilization and religion.  
Some activities for undertaking revival works of the traditional culture have started , however the efforts have not taken deep pervading roots in the consciousness of the new generation.The educational institutions both government and private are absolutely in the dark regarding their own traditional culture.
Under the above circumstances, the  Instructor/ Director  of the Rhythms of Manipur, Heishnam Bhagat also a national award ( Journey, national award winning fusion music composition) winning music composer is aiming to revive the traditional tribal music forms and instruments by a fusion experiment with the Manipuri  modern music forms and instruments at Imphal sometime in the month of  September 2013.The attempt shall be  a most welcome contribution in the cultural movement in the region. Atleast five major tribal groups amongst the thirty four ethnic groups may be selected for the fusion with modern music.