Causes of Porch Collapse

Porch collapse is a serious threat to anyone who regularly enjoys an outdoor element in their home or workplace. While many consider this phenomenon to be rare or impossible in new buildings, they can in fact occur around you. It is generally the responsibility of the homeowner or property manager to ensure that their porch is in working order and that it is safe for others; however, there are many causes of this accident.

The reliability of a porch can be lost at many points during the existence of the structure. There are many people and organizations that participate in the design and construction of porches or decks, and multiple moments where error or negligence can have long term effects on the structure and the safety of those nearby. One of the most common causes of porch collapse is the use of unreliable materials. These include things such as:

Rotted wood

Rusted nails, screws, and fasteners

Improperly prepared foundation materials

Similarly, if the design of the building is faulty, the construction company carries the plans out incorrectly, or the building does not adhere to safety codes, the porch may be in danger of a collapse.

Once a poorly designed porch is built, overloading it with people, objects, or exposing it to extreme weather conditions such as snow build up or flooding may result in a falling structure. All steps of the construction process must be completed correctly and homeowners must act responsibly regarding their property to ensure safety for themselves and others. If they fail to do so, they may face legal consequences.