International Tax Attorney

International Tax Attorney

Americans living outside the US run into multiple problems filing their taxes every year. US tax codes are complicated enough without adding the extra burden of international income or living to the mix. A CPA that specializes in preparing taxes for Americans living internationally ensures that taxes are prepared properly. They can do the same thing for residents earning an international income.Sometimes, mistakes in international tax situations cause trouble and an attorney is needed. An international tax attorney is specially trained to handle such problems. They know the tax code in and out and pay special attention to international issues in dues.

There is a long list of international activities that might require an international tax attorney. Expatriates have special considerations when they file taxes. Business owners living in the US but doing business outside the US are another group that needs specialized help with taxes. Or foreign businesses doing business inside the US are yet another group that needs international imposition help. Even foreign investments will cause your assessment to be somewhat complicated. Even owning property in a foreign country or non-residents owning US real estate can make taxes a bit difficult. All of these situations require a practiced hand and even some planning.

It is far better to plan ahead when it comes to taxes than it is to try to fix it after the fact. An international tax attorney is expert at helping clients to make the right decisions about their foreign activities before they get themselves into trouble. A tax attorney can help to restructure a foreign business so that it will be more tax effective. Both businesses and individuals can limit their foreign tax rates using several different techniques that attorneys can advise on. Planning a foreign activity in advance can keep cross-border taxes at a minimum and above board. Cross-border tax laws are tricky and planning ahead will save lots of money and trouble.

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The overseas market is far too tempting to ignore as a business option. No one should avoid foreign markets just because the tax situation gets sticky. Hiring an international tax attorney can help a business to get set up in a way that will be tax beneficial rather than detrimental. They can be a representative that gets any business or individual in international situations through without the IRS becoming overly involved.