Income Tax Attorney – Choose the Right One

Income Tax Attorney – Choose the Right One

An income tax attorney is a lawyer that can help you with any problems that may arise when you file your income tax returns. So an income tax attorney would be hired after your auditor has done his or her audit. Income tax attorneys dedicate themselves to problems that are breached under the income tax act. There are different from tax consultants (who are in fact most times lawyers themselves) in that, consultants offer positive outcome strategies to your tax problems and suggestions as to how to limit your tax burden. On the other hand an income tax attorney helps the client to achieve the solution to their problems.

A lot of people find it hard to understand the tax laws entirely, this is because of the all the legal jargon that is used in the law. They are easy to misunderstand as well as they may be hard to keep up to date with. This causes things to be easily misunderstood or missed totally and while the taxpayer did not do it willingly they will have to answer. Having an income tax attorney can help him to clear and prove oneself. So simply speaking an income tax attorney will help you to pay up your taxes owed with a little benefit, this is usually not paying the full amount. This is one example; here are some more instances that necessitate an income attorney;

• When a small business has not been able to pay their taxes for a couple years

• When the taxpayer does not accept the assessment of the tax officer

• When the account books of the taxpayer have been destroyed by natural disasters, fire or other disasters that are not natural

• When a tax payer has evaded tax payment

• When the client has not followed the stipulations of the tax act due to a lack of knowledge in accounts

• If there is a tax audit and the taxpayer is required to pay more taxes than they already have paid

• When a taxpayer wants to pay in installments

There are other instances where one can employ the services of a tax attorney as the choice is up to the taxpayer. Having an attorney can help a taxpayer whether and individual or corporations solve their tax problems. Sometimes the taxpayer did not knowingly evade their tax paying duty but just misunderstood or did not know that something in the tax return process had changed. It is the duty of the lawyer to help them to clear their name as well as reduce or eliminate any extra tax payments which may have been brought on them by these misunderstandings. If the tax payment cannot be eliminated it is most times reduced so that it is easier for the taxpayer to handle, the attorney can even further have them sort out some type of payment in installations.