Choosing a Specialist Lawyer: Some Basic Types

Choosing a Specialist Lawyer: Some Basic Types

What types of attorneys are there? Whatever your troubles may be, there is a specialist lawyer that can give you legal counsel. Most attorneys practice in narrow fields, choosing one or two specific areas. Here are some of the most common specialties in the legal field.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

It may seem counterintuitive to hire an expensive lawyer if you are broke, but attempting to file the claims on your own could end up keeping you in debt. A bankruptcy lawyer will help you dismiss as much debt as possible and help you keep your most valuable assets so you don’t end up destitute. The purpose of bankruptcy isn’t to send you to the poorhouse, but rather save you and help you begin your life again. Hiring a lawyer will ensure this process goes smoothly and they can also help you start to reorganize your finances to put you on the right path.

Criminal Lawyer

If you’re facing jail time, fines, or another serious offense, a criminal lawyer is absolutely necessary. Even if you are prepared to plead guilty, a lawyer can assist you with lowering charges, decreasing fines, and protecting your best interests. People without legal representation during a criminal trial risk more severe sentencing. Just how important is a criminal lawyer? Consider a DUI case, for example, without a lawyer it could mean losing your car, license, thousands of dollars in fines, and a black mark on your record for years to come.

Divorce Lawyer

You may believe that you and your spouse can get through the process amicably without resorting to legal representation. But what happens when you start dividing up your possessions and little arguments rear their ugly heads? Whose couch is it anyways? Who gets the dog? During the process you may start to feel taken advantage of or that you are unhappy with the arrangements, but without a mediator you are stuck floundering on your own. A divorce attorney can act as a neutral mediator to help you divide your assets equally and fairly with less frustration.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Slip and fall accident? Hurt on the job? A personal injury attorney should be called before you accept any form of payment or sign any documents. Many times, while still in pain, a business owner or employer will try to coerce you to talk or sign papers that relieve them of all responsibility for your accident when that may not be the case. You might be entitled to a few different claims, medical compensation, and workman’s compensation. Seek advice from qualified legal counsel before getting trapped by greedy perpetrators who aren’t on your side.

Immigration Lawyer

Whether you entered your current country legally, illegally, or somewhere in between and are now facing tax problems or deportation, an immigration attorney is vital to helping you win your case. Often times people will feel resigned to their fate. Before you give in, however, an immigration lawyer can help you find a way to stay secure in your new home or can help you bring over family.