Why You Need A Disability Lawyer

The disability benefits application process can be cumbersome for an unskilled person, which is why you need a disability lawyer or a workers compensation lawyer. Asides from being complicated, there are different benefit programs offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), and it takes an expert to discern which is best suited for you. In some cases, people qualify for the two options. There are many other reasons why it’s better to hire a disability lawyer for your SSA needs. Here are five:

  1. About Paperwork

The paperwork is one of the numerous heavy liftings that an experienced disability lawyer can take off your desk. The application process involves about 40 pages of forms containing your medical history, education & work background, limitations and capabilities that will need thorough filling, and that isn’t all there is. This and more won’t be your headache when a disability lawyer comes on board.

  1. About Communicating With Doctors

Medical providers play their part in achieving success in disability claims as their positive or supportive opinion is critical in winning a case. However, the medical practitioners are not always quick to offer assistance or corroborate your claim. While they may have reasons, such as time constraints or not being interested in going through the disability process, their unwillingness may cost you a case. They may also have reservations about the Social Security benefits and if the victim is genuinely disabled. However, disability lawyers are skilled in convincing the doctors as they have experience dealing with medical professionals and can accurately answer whatever questions they have.

  1. About Payments and Rates
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The Social Security Disability process has regulated payment processes, allowing most disability lawyers to work based on contingency. This process means that they will get paid if they win the case. If the case is successful, the Federal Government collects the attorney’s fee out of the back pay award, and that fee is capped at 25% or $6,000. Disability lawyers know this and will not rip you off, as opposed to trying to handle the processes yourself.

  1. About Problematic Facts

In the legal world, lawyers are trained to plan for contingencies and things not going as planned. Sometimes, these things can play out as what attorneys often call ‘bad facts’. Bad facts can come in the applicant’s medical records when the doctor provides information that may harm the case. It could be that the doctor believes that the applicant’s symptoms are untrue or not as severe. While this may typically be a problem, disability lawyers are in the best position to diffuse such issues.

  1. About Deadlines

Like every other important process, the Social Security Administration is very big on deadlines and important dates. For example, when an applicant is denied a disability claim, the applicant must appeal within 60 days or start afresh. One of the jobs of a disability lawyer will be to follow up with important dates and schedules and make sure you never miss any deadlines.

The Social Security Disability process involves a long road of legal, medical and administrative jargon with specific criteria and paperwork. Hiring a disability lawyer to take the technical bits off your plate instead of adding more stress to the already daunting situation.

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