Slip and Fall Injuries in Retail Stores – Issues You Need to Know

Slip and Fall Injuries in Retail Stores – Issues You Need to Know

Many shoppers are often embarrassed and decide to leave immediately if they fall at retail stores. It is understandable that a slip and fall accident is often embarrassing. In case this accident happens to you at this place, you must know that you can make the owner of the store liable for the accident if he or she fails to make the place safe for you and other shoppers.

Many shoppers who have experienced slipping and falling in retail stores sometimes make comments to employees of the store that will soon be used by the store itself to hurt or break the claim of the injured shopper. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident at this place, you must remember that the store starts to collect evidence to fight any claim you make from the moment the accident occurs. Let’s take a look at the issues associated with slip and fall injuries in this particular place.

The first issue is that in this type of store there are surveillance cameras. Such cameras are there to record any accident or its effects. This gives a full detail of the accident to the retailer which you may not be able to see until your claim is being tried in front of a jury. You should take note that these cameras are used to look into the customer after the incident if the customer continued shopping, paid the items, or went outside the store. Always remember that you may be on video. You should act accordingly.

The second issue is the manner in which a store employee approaches you after the incident. An employer will likely ask you some questions about the circumstance of the incident as well as the injuries you have. You should not attempt to minimize the pain you have. The employee or the retailer may want you to fill out an accident report too. If this is the case, you should choose your words carefully because your words may be used against you if you make a claim. Ask for a copy of the report.

The third issue associated with this accident in retail stores is the importance of investigating what caused your fall. This is very crucial if you make a claim against the retail store. A shopper must be able to prove that the store knew or should have known about the risks on the premises that have caused the fall.

These issues surround a slip, trip and fall accident in retail stores. Speaking to a lawyer helps if you encounter such accident.