Reasons to Use Lawyers and Seek Your Welfare Support

When it comes to people who are disabled or who have a serious illness which is preventing them from working, there are two problems which we often see. The first issue here is that many people don’t use a disability lawyer for their application, and this can see them get denied. In fact, over 60% of all applications filled out by the individual are denied, owing to the high level criteria which the SSA has. The second problem which we see is that many people aren’t aware of what is available to them, or they think that there is a taboo around receiving support from Social Security.

Here is exactly why everyone who is struggling should look to get lawyers on board, and go after the welfare which is available.

Lawyer Benefits

Let’s start by looking at the benefits which you will count on when you use a disability lawyer. Firstly they will increase your chances of getting your application approved. This will happen because they understand exactly what the SSA are looking for in the application. Furthermore the law firm will be able to help you to avoid lines and to relieve the stress of this application. Finally you can expect to get your approval and your support far quicker than if you were to go it alone.

Set Up For You

The reason why there is a fund available called Social Security Disability is to support those people, just like you, who are simply unable to work because of disability or because of illness. There is no shame in taking this kind of welfare and it should be used otherwise it may be greatly reduced in the future. The stigma which is attached to this is really aimed at those who don’t need this welfare but still try and get it. If your claim is genuine then you should take this opportunity to find support.

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Preventing Complications

No matter whether you are disabled or ill, you should be looking to live a comfortable life which is stress free and which is financially comfortable. If you don’t have this kind of life then you could risk making yourself worse, which is the last thing that anyone wants. It may be that you could try and learn some new skill which can help you work in spite of your situation, but even that will be made easier once you have some support coming in.

Ultimately this is something which you should look to get support for, especially if you simply are unable to work as a result of your health. This may be a stop gap until you have improved, or it may be something which you rely on forever. Welfare is set up so that the many can support the few and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you need a little bit of financial help to improve your life.