IRS Tax Attorney: For More Than Just the Beginning of the Year

IRS Tax Attorney: For More Than Just the Beginning of the Year

Anyone who works has to deal with taxes. Income taxes are filed at the beginning of the year, every year. Most people think that this is the only time they will ever need the services of an IRS tax attorney, but that isn’t always true. Tax lawyers, like every other lawyer, are available for help year round. And they can offer a lot more help than just filling out tax forms at the beginning of the year, though that happens to be their busiest season. Millions of people will flock to an IRS tax attorney during tax season to ensure that they are filing their taxes the correct way, they are getting all of the deductions they need, they are following all of the laws they are supposed to, or any of hundreds of other tax-related questions. During the eight and a half months that aren’t tax season, they are available to help with a variety of other questions that arise.

Any IRS tax attorney has to keep up with the latest tax laws. Anyone who has even glanced at the stack of tax law books can testify that that is a lot of information to take in. Every year, congress passes amendments, changes, and new laws to the existing tax code. Quite a bit of the time, these changes are directly related to the filing season of the next year. Consulting a tax attorney throughout the year can help prepare for this never ending cycle by giving advice on how best to handle financial transactions. Something that was the best thing to do one year as far as an investment may not be ideal in the current year. Changes in household size or income can affect taxes paid out also. Attorneys who deal with taxes can help make these decisions during the year.

Not everyone who files taxes receives a refund. Sometimes, a person filing may get hit with a rather large amount of money that they have to pay back to the government. Most people don’t have that kind of money just lying around to give to the IRS. An IRS tax attorney can help set up payment plans that fit the individual’s needs in order to be compliant with the government without breaking the bank. If things begin to look really bleak, tax lawyers can also help an individual (or company) settle their debt to the IRS. Much like any other debt, tax debt can be negotiated to a lower amount, saving the person paying a lot of money in the long run. Ask a lawyer if they can help consolidate and settle large tax bills in the off season.

The IRS has the ability to audit a person’s taxes when they are filed too. This can be a fairly scary thing to have to face. No one wants to detail everything they have made and spent during the year with a person who works for the government. An IRS tax attorney can help in this matter too. They can give advice to help expedite this process and ensure that no laws are broken when reporting to the auditing agent. Often, the attorney will appear on behalf of the person being audited, saving them the time and hassle of showing up themselves. This can be a tremendous help to anyone being audited.

An IRS tax attorney is an unsung hero of today’s society. If a person ends up having to pay taxes at the end of the year, it is often blamed on the attorney, yet if a large refund is paid out, the person who filed usually brags about how well they did. Tax lawyers don’t worry too much about taking blame for misfortunes happening. They are in the business to help insulate and protect people from the IRS. The most important thing to keep in mind though, is that they are there all year long. It is always best to utilize their services in order to remain protected, even if they aren’t given the credit for it.