Fusion music is a cultural attempt made by creative experts all over the world today to provide new experience in sound, rhythms and patterns of expression. The fusion music  entitled Journey  was created by incorporating some of the tunes and rhythms of the four North Eastern states namely Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh is an attempt to create harmony and brotherhood among the North Eastern states through music.


The composition suitably used some of the traditional musical instruments of Manipur namely Pena, Langden, Dholok, Meitei Pung, Sanantara, Kartal besides  modern instruments like Sitar, Violin and Pennao.


This particular music composition won the national award the annual all India Doordarshan composition in 2010 in music category.



Sur Pareng is a confluence of some of the major music forms of the country namely Punjabi, Rajasthani, Assames, Kashmiri, Bengali besides the tunes and rhythms of the North Eastern region. The composition starts with Raga Houba of Manipuri Nat Sankirtana and covered other Indian music forms. Both traditional and modern musical instruments were used to create special effects.


(First public performance on 19-04-2012 at Imphal)



The composition is a thematic music composition based in Manipuri folk music. While employing Pena as an instrument as versatile and capable as any other music instrument for all time to come, from traditional to modernity, from solo to orchestra and vice-versa, this composition is woven around the thread of silent and unspoken link of Pena with human life-cycle in Meitei tradition interwoven with the symbolic Heirangkhoi- a legendary fruit.


The compositions starts with the mood of love, peace, happiness and harmony followed mutual rivalry and hatred and subsequent disaster. At last man wakes up in the midst of doom, realises its folly, remembered Gods assignment.


(First performance on 1995)