The play takes us back to the times when Manipur was divided into small kingdoms.It revolves around the themes of love, hierachies, and the range of the humen emotions manifested in times of love and war.The story is about the strong bond of love that existed between Princess Thoibi of Moirang kingdom and Khamba, the orphan.Chingkhuba, Thoibi's father wants her to get married to Nongban, the rich villain.The lovers encounter many obstacles and go through several ordeals,suffereing pangs of seperation ans pain.The two finially united despite the efforts and schemes of Nongban, and they live happly ever after.

Director's Note:-
The story of Khamba and Thoibi is no doubt one of the greatest love stories of India and the world.A romantic tale par excellence, it is very popular among the people of North East India..Besides its imaginative and aesthetic component the story has a strong historical core and factual base.
In this production we have combined the contemporary techniques of operatta with the acting styles, dialouges and technques of traditional theatre.

CV of Director Loika Loikum of Rhythms of Manipur

Goshe Meitei:- Born in 1954 , at Imphal to a family of progressive culture promoter Thongam Goshe Meitei began his artistic career as an folk singer. Goshe receiving training in folk song from his tender age from eminent ballad singer N.Ibemni Devi(national awardee),Wangoo Oja Khongnang,oja Kamini, Oja Thotpi, oja Joykumar and oja Uyan Ibomcha.

An approved artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan Goshe performed in various parts of the country.A director, actor and singer Goshe so far directed a number of folk plays including the national award wining short play " Maikhum" in 1991. He also rendered folk songs in a number of Maniuri films.

Cast and Musicians of the play are :

1. Th.Goshe Meitei Chingkhuba Jubraj , Playwright and Director
2. Th.Noni Leima Mamaton
3. A.Lokeshwor  Khamba 
4. W.Sushima Thoibi
5. H.Mandakini Nongban
6. N.Jiten Meetei Shoura
7. S.Mahanta Sharma Tumurakpa
8. H.Mukta Leima Senu/Chaningkhombi
9. Y.Sunilkumar Laijahanba
10.S.Minarani Devi Khamnu
11.Haobam Nisheshwor Singh Music Director
12.Laishram Milanjit Musician
13.G.Toni Sharma Musician
14.H.Anilkumar Musician
15.K.Premjit Musician
16.Ph.Budha Sharma Musician
17.Y.Balaraj Musician
18.N.Premananda Musician
19.H.Bhagat Musician
20.A.Laxmirani Devi Musician
21.S.Minarani Devi Musician
22.S.Surendro Light
23.Y.Gyaneshwor Costume
24.Kh.Jiten Make-up
25.H.Khelendro Sound Engineer
26.Salam Enaomacha Documentationist/ Production Assistant
27.R.K.Sanatomba Troupe / Team Leader and Production Designer



Violin is used extensively in most of the compositions of Rhythms of Manipur.