The composition may be a perfect collage of various  rhythms and  beats of traditional Manipuri drums, supported by other instruments like violin,flute, sitar and musical effects. The ethnic percussion instruments Langden ,  Dhulok, Khol other innovated bamboo based drums and beating styles which have  been used in different occasion of the state from Pre-Hindu period and present day are blended together to form such a unique composition. It is worth mention that the beating styles of, Holi, Dhol Choloms and Nat Sankirtana which had been introduced after the advent Hinduism in the state from the half of 15th century King Meidingu Kyamba (1457-1508), are put together in this composition. It is like a train which has a number of compartments of various Manipuri beating styles.

The main focus of it to keep alive the rich cultural and traditional beating styles of Manipur as some of the ancient beating styles are abandoned or used in some particular events and festivals.


Musicians Involved in this composition

  1. S.Mahanta Sharma
  2. H.Bhagat
  3. A.Laxmirani Devi
  4. H.Nisheshwor
  5. Ph.Budha Sharma
  6. Y.Balaraj
  7. H.Anilkumar
  8. L.Milanjeet
  9. L.Prithibiraj
  10. A.Rameshkumar
  11. N.Premananda
  12. G.Toni Sharma
  13. S.Damukata Sharma
  14. S.Sushilkumar
  15. M.Somorjeet
  16. Th.Dolen
  17.  H.Jamuna Devi

Music Composed by Samurailatpam Mahanta Sharma Gold Medalist JNMDA

Presented to the Public on April 10,2013 at JNMDA Auditorium Imphal


Violin is used extensively in most of the compositions of Rhythms of Manipur.